- We pay CASH for your old car! -



  • All Porsches 356 and 911

  • 1973 Or Older Mercedes, Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Austin Healy, Alfa, VW and European sports cars

  • 1965 or older Corvettes

  • 1970 or older American Convertibles


Here at, we will buy your old car and put it back on the road.We specialize in classic cars and European automobiles more than 20 years old, but we will make a bid on any car that you want to put up for sale. We pay premium prices for top-quality cars.

Contact or Call us BEFORE you put your car up for sale. takes all the hassle out of selling your car. You don’t have to buy ads in the newspaper or pay the high fees of eBay. You don’t have a parade of hagglers coming to your home at all hours. Even worse are the people that make an appointment and then don’t bother showing up. You don’t even have to wash, clean or smog your car. It doesn’t even have to be running and operational.

We make it EASY to get quick cash for your car.

We come to your location and pay you in cash. We handle all the DMV paperwork. We give you cash in hand and drive away or tow the car away if it is non-operational.

Here’s the best part: we give your old car new life. We care about classic old cars and restore them as much as we reasonably can. Many people are sentimental about their old cars, so they are happier to know they will go to a good home.





Q: What kind of cars do you buy?

A: We are most interested in older classic cars, sports cars and collectable automobiles. The best way to know if we would be interested in your car is to request a bid with the form on the right sidebar of our website.

Q: Will you buy my car even if it isn’t running?

A: Yes, we will buy cars even if they are not operational or if they have been damaged in an accident. We purchase your car on an “as-is” basis. We are equipped to tow cars that cannot be driven.

Q: Does my car need to be smogged?

A: No, a smog certificate is not needed when selling your car to us.

Q: Will you buy my car even if I don’t have the pink slip (Certificate of Title)?

A: As long as we can determine ownership, we will buy your car even if you cannot locate the title.

Q: I want to sell my car fast. How soon can you come to look at it?

A: ASAP! Just email us and we’ll schedule an appointment.

Q: What geographic areas do you cover?

A: We buy cars from anywhere in the US and Canada.

Q: Wouldn’t I make more money by donating my car?

A: Probably not. Since 2005 the donation laws have been amended to let you tax-deduct only the amount that is paid to the charity when they auction off your car. You used to be able to deduct the full blue book amount, but not anymore. You will have to wait for the charity to send the car through the auction system in order to find out what the car sold for.

(If your question isn’t answered here, just call us and ask us.)